At JR Tutors we provide thorough support in the core subjects, English, Maths and Science for all ages and all year groups. We also specialise in the 11+ Entrance Exam for Private and Grammar Schools.


We believe that confidence and knowledge within the 3 core subjects are essential as they form the basis of a child’s knowledge and create the foundation for their future prospects. Every child deserves the support to develop and strengthen these essential skills.


Whether it be problem-solving mathematical skills, or an ability to observe and apply scientific concepts, or perhaps a push to enhance creative language and communication skills, we are confident that your child will feel supported on their journey to build a stronger foundation and improve their academic knowledge and understanding.


We also provide support in Economics, Geography and other humanitarian subjects. Additional areas we specialise in are Eleven Plus 11+, Entrance Exams, GAMSAT, UCAT and BMAT.

Maximising Potential