Lesson Structure


JR Tutors creates lessons according to AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC exam boards. Using the most distinguished study guides, hand-crafted study packs and up-to-date mock examinations, our lessons are carefully constructed in alignment with the UK curriculum. Thanks to our tutors’ regular and thorough feedback on classwork and homework, we are given an overall idea of the performance of each class, helping us to choose the best group for your child. The structure of our classes allows for focus on certain areas in order to match the specific needs of every group. We track your child’s performance throughout the year, giving you both formal and informal feedback on their progress. Every class is led by a passionate teacher who has the skills to keep them engaged and there are short breaks in between lessons so that students feel refreshed and maintain focus.

Our university support is tailored around each individual as we understand the sophistication and expertise needed at this level. We provide help for UCAS application and even support with certain courses within universities.




In line with the curriculum, your child will be guided through each of the core topics by our enthusiastic and dedicated tutors. We ensure to fully train our tutors in order to update their knowledge of the school curriculum. Using our selected lesson plans, our dedicated tutors encourage every student to ask questions in order to ensure that they fully understand each key concept.
Our lessons are held in classrooms and just like their teachers at schools, the tutors have a white board behind them and a curriculum to follow. Once the tutors have taught the main concepts to the group, unlike schools, our tutors are able to go around the small class and help each child individually.
Most of our tutors are qualified teachers during the week and are DBS/CRB checked. To learn more about their expertise, please do contact us.


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